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Service Description


This service is a done-for-you solution to leverage the power and authority Google has within its very own properties.

We build strong topical & keyword relevance, build massive amounts of backlinks, and even rank Google properties in the search engines for targeted keywords. To keep things extra safe, links and keywords are filtered through 13 Google properties.



 1   Public Folder

 2   Keyword-rich Drive Stack Folder

 3   Optimized Images Folder

 4   Google Doc

 5   PDF made from Google Doc 

 6   Google Sheet 1

 7   Google Sheet 2

 8   Google Forms

 9   Video Upload

10   Google MyMap

11   Google Drawing

12   Google Slides

13   Google Sites


Every Google property is included in your order, we fully utilize every available Google property to its max potential.

For example, we use Google Shortened URL’S to push keyword relevancy to your social and citation URLs from each property. We heavily interlink from and to each property within the Google Drive Stack using naked URLs, Google Short Links, and targeted keyword anchors.


These properties are not only powerful, but they also look great.

They come 100% branded for you. We gather photos and logos from your website and fully optimize these images with GPS data, NAP, Keyword titles, and tags.


We link out to your Google Map listing with short and long URLs. We drive even more relevance and power by using your company’s NAP as the anchor text pointing to your map.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bottom line is that these properties are done right, done comprehensively, look beautiful, and are powerful.


One Time Fee

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